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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Competition "Fast Pips 3" - disperse the demo and get real profit!

Hello friends forex traders!

For a very long time, we did not have contests to disperse the deposit. You asked for it, waited, and now this moment has come! Solemnly announce the beginning of registration for the contest "Quick Pips", the third round. The competition is extremely simple - a minimum of rules, a maximum of acceleration. Any strategies, robots - anything, a small demo account and a 3 times increased prize pool. If you have long wanted to try to disperse a deposit - this is the best chance, especially since there is no risk.

What is the competition?

Everything is very simple. What is deposit overclocking? Acceleration is a quick increase in a small account several times. Naturally, it involves excessive risk. When overclocking, you need to trade better than usual, carefully weigh your decisions. Because errors are unacceptable. Thus, this competition is aimed at training accurate, balanced decisions.

Unlike previous rounds of this contest, you do not have to risk real money. Only demo accounts. But if we see signs of “demo grails” (a bunch of transactions lasting less than a minute with a profit of 1-2 points) - there will be a ban. So, all honestly 😉

Will there be prizes?

Of course they will. As always in our contests, prizes are cash. They will be credited to your trading account and you can withdraw them at any time. No tricky schemes a la "money is only for trading, it is impossible to withdraw ", all honestly.

  • 1st place - $ 1000
  • 2nd place - $ 750
  • 3rd place - $ 500
  • 4th place - $ 250
  • 5th place - $ 150
  • from 6 to 10 place - $ 100

Also, ALL the winners will receive a set of pleasant things from Tickmill: a cap, bag, pen and Pop Socket (a device for the phone).

Well, the first place winner will receive a miniature bull from Wall Street, which has already become a legend:

Bull brings good luck and profit in trading 😉

Competition Dates

To participate in the competition you need BEFORE November 25 inclusively register your contest account (see conditions below). The contest itself will be held from November 26 to December 7I am. Those. You will have 2 weeks to trade on the competitive account. The results of the competition will be announced from December 10 to December 18 (most likely earlier).

Due to difficulties with verification on myfxbook, registration in the contest is extended by 1 day. Those. November 26 is the last day of receiving letters.

Competition rules - read carefully!

To participate in the contest "Quick Pips 3" you need:

  1. Register a demo account using a special link, demo account size 100 $type of account Pro. Other types of accounts are not suitable for the contest, the amount is only this and only in dollars !!!
  2. Create monitoring for this account on Myfxbook.com -> see the instructions for creating monitoring. All trading account data in monitoring should be open!
  3. Send your name, number and password (invest or trading) to the account and a link to monitor myfxbook by email:
    [email protected]
  4. In the subject line indicate “Quick Pips”.
  5. During the period from November 26 to December 7I am make transactions in your account, observing the restrictions (see below).


  • Only 1 account is accepted from one person for the contest.
  • Until November 26, open positions on the contest account prohibited (delay for verification on myfxbook - you can, just remember to remove them later).
  • You can trade on any instruments.
  • You can apply any strategies and advisers.
  • Lot of each order - any.
  • By the end of the 2nd trading week (December 7th), all transactions on the competitive account must be closed. For an open position, not deleted pending orders are also considered.
  • A participant who has completed less than 5 operations on his account during the competition, or has violated any of the other restrictions listed above, will be disqualified.
  • There are no restrictions on take and stop.
  • Also, those who do not send or send incorrect links to myfxbook will be disqualified.
  • Prior to summing up the results of the competition, it is forbidden to replenish the account through a request for technical support.

Participant FAQ

  • I accidentally opened a position ahead of time !! Am I expelled ???

Yes, excluded. Rules and rules.

  • And what leverage to choose?


  • And how do I know if I participate in a competition? Will I receive a confirmation?
  • Where to ask a question?

Have a good overclocking!


Due to difficulties with verification on myfxbook, registration in the contest is extended by 1 day. Those. November 26 is the last day of receiving letters.

Watch the video: SML Movie: The Competition! (April 2020).

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