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Investor digest for Q1 2019

By tradition, we publish an overview of the most interesting PAMMs and summarize the work of managers of Forex brokers Forex4You, Alpari, Roboforex and Instaforex. Compared to previous reviews, we have expanded PAMM analytics on AMarkets accounts.

In addition to traditional currencies, the article contains a section devoted to cryptocurrencies, with an analysis of past quarterly changes, coverage of current trends and publication of upcoming important events.

You will also find in the Digest - a review of the grandiose multi-million dollar drain of PAMMs of the well-known information business man (got what he deserved) and two interviews with successful managers.

The review is intended for investors and a wide range of readers, since the results of the work of managers serve as a definite guideline - a measure of the potential profitability of the Forex market. If a trader in his own trade cannot repeat the effectiveness of PAMMs showing constant growth in the long term, then he should think about partial or full trust of funds to such a service.

The essence of such accounts is the guaranteed protection of the principal’s funds from theft by the manager and full transparency of the results and the mechanism for calculating income. The only risk is the wrong choice of PAMM strategy or entry point, which can lead to a complete loss of funds.

To prevent this from happening - read our review, participate in the discussion of the material, draw conclusions and diversify investments, never being tied 100% to one account.

PAMM-discharge of the month or “attack of clones” by Chuvashov

The beginning of 2019 was marked by Black Thursday for many investors - the followers of Stanislav Chuvashov, known to Alpari traders for numerous PAMM accounts with a common nickname FINTRADE. A sharp jump in volatility, which increased the daily range of fluctuations of many major currency pairs from 300 to 600 points, led to a massive, simultaneous ruin of 53 portfolios.

The total amount of losses incurred by investors may amount to several million dollars, the story may be continued if the victims combine claims against the Syktyvkar company LLC Fintrade. Its leader is Stanislav Chuvashov, so everyone can look through SPARK for millions of rubles in revenues from sales of subscriptions, books and free robots.

If you look in detail, the loudly named MyFXBank system was straightforward and of the same type, which caused a chain reaction, expressed in a massive drain of investor funds on FINTRADE PAMM accounts. The author of the scam did not hide this, honestly warning investors that numerous clones are the same tactic with averaging positions.

Chuvashov deceived or, legally correct, “misled”, in all other respects: the presence of stops, 18 years of “impeccable work”, the existence of some compensation fund, the promise of a drain “only in the event of an atomic war”.

The author was extremely eloquent on YouTube, looking for customers under the slogan “You don’t need to know anything about Forex,” which led to a mindless copying of a huge number of newcomers to the multiple-cloned Martingale strategy with an unsuccessfully calculated number of knees and an averaging factor.

The high level of losses in the PAMM service was due to the focused policy of Fintrade, which literally "forcibly forced" customers to PAMM investment in 2018. Things were going worse with the company, there were losses, so the Alpari service was used to evade taxes, but the history of this modern Ostap Bender begins in 2012.

Business idea of ​​the Chuvashov project

To understand the reason for the enormous losses, inversely proportional to the degree of confidence in a frank Martingale from a sufficiently large mass of investors, it is necessary to take a digression into history to understand how Stas developed a love for Benderism in the Forex market.

The path of Stanislav Chuvashov began 10 years ago: having lost a niche in the construction business after the 2008 crisis, the future robot dealer poured money on Forex, but he learned the basics of divorce in one of the many “kitchens” in Syktyvkar.

Trading with Stas openly did not go, as evidenced by the first PAMM account and the questions of this newly-made manager with investors, such as “How to calculate a lot on Forex”. It is clear that after the demonstration of the frank “bottom of knowledge”, Stanislav did not receive investments then and leaked $ 2500 in splendid isolation.

The account will give an idea that his manager had no intentions to improve or optimize his strategy, only an unsuccessful attempt to guess the trend, and then averaging, burdened by an increase in leverage in an attempt to “recapture” future losses with profit.

After reviewing the above “epic drain” (just in case we give proof), it will probably be difficult for the reader to imagine that at the same time a wonderful legend appeared about Chuvashov as “a teacher with five years of experience, a developer of highly profitable systems”. True, this is how Stanislav himself describes himself, having already created by that time the first features of the business system of guaranteed earnings in the Forex market.

The idea is simple and not new: promoting your own products and selling seminars and books by creating the image of an “expert”. Mass coverage and advertising was provided by the created network of partners of the MLM type and aggressive advertising on thematic sites.

After the 2008 crisis, Stanislav had no problems recruiting promoters; the Alpari broker even had to ban Chuvashov due to the abundance of spam, but the most important thing was missing - a working trading system or strategy. In her search, another 3 years of begging and deceiving unsuspecting newcomers passed that they “bought” the glitter of book covers and the charm of a 26-year-old (at that time) young man - a teacher at one of the dealing centers of Syktyvkar.

From dawn to dusk

The business idea adopted by Stanislav Chuvashov at the very beginning of his activity did not change his features, and the influx of customers in the absence of a really working product was provided:

  • The growing interest in the Forex market;
  • Legalization of business: sales of courses, books, and subsequently robots were carried out "in white" through the open company LLC Fintrade.

Robots are the most successful business find of the newly-minted Ostap Bender. The Internet was awash with many free Advisors that could be sold for a lot of money. Presumably in 2012, Stanislav gave birth to the idea of ​​how to collect money for Advisors, which were posted on the Internet for free.

With the help of programmers, the product MyFXBank is created, the code of which was fragmented and part of the software remained on the company's servers. The product brought millions of profits thanks to:

  • The promise of ease of use, under the slogan - "You do not need to know anything about Forex to make money";
  • Deposit insurance, with a promise to compensate for the drawdown that occurred through the fault of the company.

Insurance applies only to accounts above the minimum, at first it was 100 thousand rubles, later appetites fell to 30 thousand. The presence of hundreds of clients who are ready to open large accounts with a broker defined by Fintrade makes Alpari forget about a spam attack. Another partner of the MyFXBank project is Roboforex DC.

The official jurisdiction gave the product “legal weight”, which supported cooperation with brokers Alpari and Roboforex. Clients were obliged to open accounts there, which brought Chuvashov additional income through an affiliate program.

How much can you earn with a free robot? You will find the answer in the SPARK system - Stanislav Chuvashev officially earned $ 100,000 in sales of Martingale in 2012.

Distributed robots were frank “sinkers”, the company's revenue and profits were kept only due to aggressive advertising and “network sales” according to MLM programs of financial pyramids. Massive ruin and outflow of customers occurred in 2014-2015 due to abnormal jumps in the volatility of currency pairs. This is clearly seen thanks to the legal entity’s official financial statements in the SPARK system:

In the third year of the loss, it was decided to sharply increase the threshold for the provision of Advisers (only for accounts with a deposit of more than $ 30 thousand), other clients could invest in numerous FINTRADE PAMMs. The idea turned out to be “saving”, because the manager’s clone portfolios collected up to $ 100 thousand. Along with this, there were people who wanted to put Chuvashev’s robot on their own accounts, paying certain amounts for a subscription.

Stanislav knew about the problem of a jump in volatility that ruined his business in 2014, but then it was not a “public flogging”. In 2018, the scale of the losses took on enormous proportions and, despite numerous disclaimers (disclaimers) and urgent removal of FINTRADE clones from Alpari PAMMs, there is no escape from the problems.

What can I say? Remember not only risk assessment in general, but also pay attention to the manager's reputation - if a person has been selling courses and drain advisers for many years - what is the point of carrying money to him?

Cryptocurrency market in the IV quarter of 2018

The last quarter of 2018 was the most dramatic, cryptocurrency capitalization fell to $ 100 billion. I.e. almost 10 times relative to historical highs.

Blame the reasons for the rapid decline:

  • Regulators and the tough position taken by the G-20 heads at the November summit in Argentina, which decided by 2021 to verify cryptocurrency exchanges and personal wallets;
  • Hard fork Bitcoin Cash, which led to the miners war.

Craig Wright, impersonating Satoshi Nakomoto, with the support of CoinGeek, went against Amory Szechet from Bitcoin ABC. She gained fame by initiating a split in the ranks of the “bitcoin players” in August 2017, refusing to support the Bitcoin Core update, which led to the emergence of the Bitcoin Cash fork.

Craig Wright repeated her path on November 15, 2018, refusing to support the Bitcoin ABC hard fork and proposing its own option - Bitcoin SV. The confrontation turned into a war, which split the miners into two camps, each of which tried to build its own chain of the divided Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Its length determined the right to reserve the name of this cryptocurrency.

The ease with which both companies manipulated one of the largest cryptocurrencies “scared off” investors that they held digital assets for not the best year for them. The situation was “finished off” by the postponement of the launch of the trading platform with Bitcoin futures from the financial giant ICE and the postponement of the start of trading in crypto derivatives on the NASDAQ exchange.

Prospects for cryptocurrencies in the first quarter of 2019

The begun recovery in digital currencies will continue after the traditional "holiday correction" if NASDAQ and ICE plans are implemented in late January. In the first case, these are Bitcoin futures, which are already repeating the device for trading crypto derivatives on the Chicago CME exchange, in the second - supply assets.

At the end of each day, ICT’s Bakkt platform will deliver real cryptocurrency to contract holders with the official permission of the US CFTC and SEC Regulators. Access to trading will open simultaneously on 21 exchanges in different parts of the world.

Also in winter, a number of fundamental events that are important for digital assets may occur:

  • Senators Warren Davids and Darren Soto initiate consideration of the law on changing the taxonomy of cryptocurrencies in order to remove tokens from the definition of securities;
  • SEC will give final answer on Bitcoin ETF;
  • Hard fork Ethereum will be held in mid-January.

Potentially interesting altcoins

Waves - a crypto project with “Russian roots”, this currency has shown steady growth, despite the general decline in the crypto market. The company is developing a new product - BaaS (blockchain as a service) for storing and exchanging information from databases of both commercial and government agencies.

The token can continue to grow, given the support for the creation of a BaaS platform by foreign investors who entrusted Waves with $ 120 million in a private ICO, and by Rostec Corporation, which works on government data processing and data exchange systems.

Ripple - despite the fall along with the rest of the cryptocurrencies, altcoin managed to regain second place in the ranking, and the development team entered into a competition with the SWIFT translation system. Thanks to the protocol features, the blockchain can work with fiat and other digital currencies. This allows you to make instant payments to anywhere in the world with an insignificant commission between commercial and Central banks that have implemented the xCurrent, xRapid and xVisa platforms, entering the world network of bank payments Ripple Net.

Ripple's success is reflected in its fork quotes Stellar, so some of the funds can be trusted with this coin.

Bitcoin Cash - There are three reasons to pay attention to the updated fork:

  • Large costs invested in a marketing campaign to promote a coin among consumers;
  • Development of an instant payment system and quick deployment of nodes from Bchd startup;
  • Plans for launching smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

A deep correction due to the consequences of the hard fork made the coin highly underestimated, which will also contribute to the growth of the rate, which will partially “pull out” Bitcoin SV. Some of the funds can be placed in this fork.

PAMM of the month

In this section, accounts are published that show high returns on a 30-day period. The account is selected adjusted for age due to the use of “overclocking” tactics by managers-beginners at the start of their careers in an effort to show high returns in order to “wind up” the rating.

The opening of 2018 and the month was the PAMM account REFERENCEhaving a history of 7 months and several days. At the 30-day interval, the strategy of the BALANS trader (nickname on the forum) showed yield of 115.6%.

For all the time the first investors were able to get a return of 1197.1%, maximum drawdown was 51.92%.

Among the advantages of the strategy are multicurrency and automation, the minuses are the Martingale strategy with a leverage increase of up to 50%. The risks of a deposit deposit increase exponentially when the deposit is “loaded” by 20%, there is a “triple limit”. Therefore, equity has such volatility, but the Alpari broker billed 4 stars, separately noting its aggressiveness.

Rating of managers of PAMM accounts of broker Alpari

Regular readers of the reviews know that the Alpari broker stood at the origins of the creation of the PAMM-account service. The service, thanks to two decades of improvement, has excellent functionality for searching and tracking the results of managers, as well as portfolios collected by investors. On our site there are detailed videos dedicated to the selection of PAMM accounts using the functionality of the Alpari service.

The broker does not disclose the details of the rating calculation algorithm, which is indicated as the number of stars with a maximum mark of five points. The severity of the selection criteria is characterized by the quantity highest rated accounts - 3 out of 4147, i.e., less than 0.1%.

Consider them more carefully:

Sovenok low risk - annual return manager is 100.6%, with a stable equity trend vector for two years.

In the last quarter of the year, the account increased volatility, so when investing, you should think about entering after correcting the results so as not to “run into” a drop in performance and not remain in the red from the first steps of investing.

A close examination of the “take-off section” of the yield curve shows the following:

  • The trader is actively increasing the shoulder, which means it increases the risks;
  • Using martingale on drawdowns;
  • Pyramid of orders on the trend.

The first two observations are worrying, while the third principle is quite acceptable provided that proper money management is observed. Judging by the report, the manager managed to cope with it - maximum loss not exceeded 29.17%, whereas maximum profit was 434.5%, thanks to the effective use of the pyramid of orders.

The article describes in sufficient detail evidence of the benefits of just such an approach to martingale.The strategy made it to Alpari's top rating in two accounts trading on the Generic principle at once.

Score Night Owl Medium risk, like the previous one, opened by the manager of Raccoon two years ago and shows the current annual return "Night trading" at 149.6%, from maximum drawdown 54.51% with a maximum relative profit of 1983.8%. Last quarter manager closed with the result in +66.1%.

Wunderbar-invest - Another account that has been awarded a high five-star Alpari broker.

He has been known to the regular readers of the review since the end of 2017 and was featured in I, II and IV quarters as the best robot on the “night flat”. Manager ends year with result + 27.1% per annumwhile maintaining maximum historical drawdown at the level 16.87%. For the last quarter trend strength fell (the angle of the vector decreased), for three months the result was + 5.9% due to a big drawdown in November.

It is significant that all three of the first places in the rating according to the Alpari broker were taken by managers using, to one degree or another, martingale elements in “night trading”. The general minus is too short a time to assess the stability of management results - the age of PAMM accounts is only two years.

According to the criteria of "longevity" you can pay attention to the results:

Expensivebuyer - The manager “shot” in 2016 and was a “regular” in our reviews. The account disappeared from articles in 2017 - the maximum drawdown was 84.59%.

Return to site ratings occurred due to maximum profit of 125423.3%, earned by investors, “faithful” to the account for 9 years and two months. Such capital was accumulated in the amount of almost $ 1 million 400 thousand, which is also an important sign of confidence in the algorithmic system operating on the account. Current profitability indicators:

  • Annual + 246.8%
  • Quarterly + 39.1%

The work of the trader is evaluated by the Alpari broker for 4 stars, from the point of view of technical analysis, the curve is at the bottom point, almost at the support, which means at the potential point of investment.

A similar four-star rating was awarded to an account managed by Sergey Khokhlov, working under a nickname Hohla. The PAMM strategy was carefully considered in the review of the IV quarter of 2018, there it was published with this talented trader.

Unfortunately, the manager’s robot could not “cope” with the volatility of the end of the year and brought -6.5% per quarterbut stayed in the parameters maximum drawdown 61.62% with a total historical maximum profit of 3563.4% for 7 years and 9 months. Annual profitfixed by investors amounted to 24.4 %.

For investors who seek profit with the lowest trading risks Sergey advises paying attention to the account Hohla RUR X1 - the conservatism of which is ensured by a lower shoulder.

Falling risks affected profitability - per year she made 4… 8%, at maximum loss 57.82%, last quarter brought to investors a loss of 15.2%. For almost 7 years of operation, the PAMM account showed a maximum historical return of 584.4%.

Broker Alpari marked the score with a rating of 4 stars.

One of the characteristics of the account is the amount of funds entrusted to the manager by investors, but in rare cases, investments exceed all conceivable sizes for unexplained reasons.

As an example, take PAMM MPTROFINO INVEST where a trader with a capital of $ 500, having traded for 1 month, receives almost a million dollars with a yield of 16.8%. Moreover, the funds are fairly evenly distributed among investors:

It is dangerous to invest in such accounts, as this is a frank “download” that could be created with the aim of withdrawing funds.

An alternative, positive, example of proper investment is the PAMM account of a trader with a nickname paymasteraccount manager Moriarti, known for the reviews of 2016-17 and the IV quarter of 2018.

The amount of trusted investments allows him to take second place in the ranking, “trading hands” along the lines of support and resistance along the trend. Although a detailed analysis of transactions reveals an averaging of positions, to which the trader replies that “he sees an excellent opportunity to enter the trend correction to strong levels”.

Management strategy Moriarti brought to investors per year + 154% arrived at maximum historical drawdown 73.51%. Over the entire period of four years, the extreme profitability of PAMM reached 62548.6%, last quarter closed with a profit of + 19.1%. Broker Alpari marked the score with a rating of 4 stars.

The selection algorithm for the amount justifies itself, in third place in the sample for the amount of invested funds is a multiple participant in our reviews Lucky pound. PAMM account showed annual return of 27.9%keeping maximum historical drawdown of 41.13%. Last quarter manager finished with the result +1.1%. The correction was expected, given the constant increase in profitability, judging by the angle of inclination of the equity trend strength vector.

We hope that the manager will correct the situation - the key to this is the four-year history of the PAMM account and the correct response to losses, consisting in a significant reduction in risks.

After an annual absence, the manager’s PAMM account returned to the rating Gemmaster, night scalper. The account is actively discussed in the thread in the “Bearded PAMMs” section of our forum and “slipped” in 2017 reviews. An interview with this manager was published at the end of the review.

Annual discharge and maximum historical drawdown of 63.96% caused the manager to disappear from the pages of the PAMM accounts digest. However, at the end of June, the trader announced a radical redesign of the strategy - the result is obvious, quarterly profit 13.8%, and annual 51.2% and the fully redeemed previous minus.

PEKOPDCMEH one more regular participant in the digest: the account for two years has attracted the attention of a relatively low maximum historical drawdown of 36.45% and high profits. For almost a six-year period, it is 9927.1%. Manager finishes current year with negative result annual -6.2%, and -1.1% quarterly loss.

During the quarter, we looked closely at the results of the Trustoff 2.0 manager, whose robot attracted attention with stable results. So far, the manager’s only mistake was the mistake that led to 69.74% loss. This is a consequence of using deposit acceleration tactics: a user with a nickname FX KNOW-HOW tried to get attention high historical returnsshe made up 3871.1%, delighting investors with a stable and even increase in the equity line.

It is worth noting a sharp decrease in trading risks after receiving a high loss on the account while maintaining the dynamics of the yield trend.

Stability turbo - the account for conservative investors, the manager for 4 years continues to hold maximum loss of 15.4%, not exceeding the deposit loading size above 6% and using more than 30 instruments in the trade. Low risks mean a “modest" result, the year is closed + 4.1%, the quarter + 0.1%.

ECNC - this is an algorithmic PAMM, the manager got into the reviews of 2018, interested in the “search history” of the strategy for the impulse robot, which is almost completely reflected in the archives of the Alpari broker. They have more than 45 accounts with a clearly traceable trend of successful optimizations in 2017-2018.

The current portfolio is the “crown of genesis”, the leader in profit from five algorithms that have been working for two and a half years. During this time, the robot showed maximum drawdown 39.97%, this year investors close in plus 0.8%, current quarteralas minus - 14.8%.

Movingup - the manager has been trading “manually” for two years according to the levels of support and resistance, but the strategy has not been a plus for the last quarter the loss was 5.1%, although throughout of the year trader managed to bring investors income + 25.2%. Maximum loss in the entire history of the PAMM account (2 years and 3 months) has not changed - 37.49%.

Overview of the best PAMM account management results for Instaforex broker

Regular readers of the review are aware of the feature of the Instaforex PAMM system, which provides traders with the opportunity to receive funds in management and keep accounts open for copying signals. Some of the PAMM-managers prefer only one of these services, but we will proceed from the analysis of the result, separately specifying the management strategy.

Trader jaybon prefers to use both services, collaborating with Instaforex broker for a year and a half. A trader aggressively trades intraday, making an average of 8 transactions, which allowed him to bring investors 6491.88% annual return and 357.16% for the current quarter.

Trader trades on major currency pairs and crosses, actively uses martingale.

Stilness of profit provided his account only for copying signals for a year and three months, bringing to investors 13859% per annum, behind last quarter average yield was 62.58%.

PAMM Account Key MM also open only for copying signals, the trader works with Instaforex broker a little over a year, with a result of + 67.78%, Preferring to trade on Martingale with medium-term retention of positions. AT last quarter such tactics brought investors 6.21%.

FXStrategist engaged only in trust for a little over a year, showing on this site yield 162.74%. A trader holds positions for a long time, following the trends, "topping up" on the grid of orders during a drawdown. Last quarter brought investors 62.58%.

Royal bounties payout - an account for copying transactions, with fairly strong dynamics of equity growth, relative to other managers of PAMM accounts. Signals brought to investors on nine-month trading history 250.23%. Quarterly profit made up 109.95%.

A trader actively works intraday on the tactic of averaging a position using a large leverage, but the presence of stops smooths out this negative feature.

PAMM rating of broker Forex4you

The Forex4you broker offers the services of trust management and copying of transactions, but does not mix them in the rating of PAMM accounts. Investors can rely on the broker rating version, which is tabulated with general indicators of the “lifetime”, profitability and drawdown accounts, or search through user settings available under the “PAMM-traders filter” option.

Manager yosiyah - the opening of this year, the trader’s strategy has brought investors 321.1% per annum at maximum drawdown 30%. This result was made possible thanks to a balanced money management, on average, the margin did not exceed 5%, maximum - 20%.

A trader actively trades intraday on 13 currency pairs and gold.

Algo invest - has already been considered in all reviews of 2018 due to the ratio of relatively low maximum drawdown 24% and high profitability of 303.15%. An additional plus is the “smoothness” of equity, among the minuses there is a grid of orders, a sharp increase in risks and the use of margins up to 40% in peak values.

FX Income Plus Fund - a new face of the rating, the trader trades a little over six months and attracted the attention of low maximum drawdown of 15% at 111.82% of total return. The manager does not use a margin above 7.5%, on average, “loading” the deposit by 2.5%.

The trader trades his hands on a medium and long-term strategy on 12 instruments, including major currencies, AUD and EUR cross-rates.

PAMM Account Syndicatra again returned to the ranking to illustrate the use of currency pairs as long-term investment tools.

The manager conducts several transactions a year, holding some positions for more than six months. Moreover, its result significantly overtakes investors in the stock market: with a maximum drawdown of 24% he earned 152.73% per annum.

If there is no desire to use the account for investments, then the trader’s public transactions can serve as a trend indicator.

Rating RAMM-accounts broker Roboforex

A RAMM account is an investment method in which the amount of funds pre-determined by the investor is blocked on a personal account. The manager makes transactions that are automatically copied by part of the deposit allocated by traders at the same time on all accounts that have signed the offer.

Advantages of RAMM investing for a trader: on one account, you can collect a portfolio of strategies, cancel part of the signal-deals. The broker guarantees the RAMM-manager the automatic calculation of remuneration for copying in proportion to the total amount of the blocked deposit. This allows you to earn much more than trading a subscription to signals.

Broker Roboforex maintains its own rating, in which the RAMM account took first place at the end of 2018 Calmaritoshowing for half a year management profitability of 241%. The manager is a new person in our ranking, so he should be watched for the following reasons:

  • Short life of the account;
  • Investments in one tool;
  • Big stops up to 86 pp per trade with a duration of holding a position of half a day.

Gjprofit - one and half year relatively stable increase in returns of 107%, led to the repeated entry of the RAMM manager in our reviews. A more detailed description of the strategy and results Gjprofit can be found in the corresponding thread of our forum.

Manager Results Spitfire have a similar dynamics in the set of profitability, but are more conservative in risk, which affects the results of the “return” to investors. Behind 9 months portfolio management brought 18%, but the stability of profit distribution made it possible to “close” almost monthly at an average of 1.6%.

Despite the “suspicious” increase in equity, the manager was not seen in the Martingale strategies, apparently, in trading 12 instruments, a grid and an interesting “pyramidal” approach to closing losses in parts are used.

A similar approach to managing stops is seen on the account. Nuprofitthat got into the rating because of the conservative strategy, but in this case the Martingale strategy is easily recognized. This strategy has its pros and cons; it works long-term, if risks are controlled.

With a maximum drawdown of 273%, trader reached the result 16% per annum trading only a couple of NZDUSD.

Fusion rx - An example of conservative risk control in the "hands" trade. Trader managed to achieve + 10% return for 8 months at maximum drawdown 9.57%trading on three major currency pairs.

NEW - AMARKETS broker rating

AMarkets broker PAMM accounts are published for the first time in a quarterly review. The company provides its own vision of evaluating the achievements of the manager on the basis of a five-point system with the assignment of stars. Unlike other brokers, AMarkets explains in detail the rating calculation formula, for which you must trade for 60 days with good profit and acceptable risk control. Three PAMM-accounts, which we will discuss below, were awarded the highest rating.

299.01 - the manager who chose the “digital nickname” for 4 months showed a yield of 34.73% with a maximum drawdown of 8.97% without using grids and Martingale, only manual trading, tested by the trader since 1998.

Breakthrough auto-fx ranks second in the AMarkets rating. Since August, using robots and round-the-clock trading, the manager showed a yield of 49.36% for 4 months. Moreover, the maximum drawdown was 4.39%.

Fixall closes the top three in the AMarkets rating. As in the above cases, the trader’s account has been opened relatively recently, but has the longest history of them - six months of trading. During this time, investors were able to get a return of 61.31% with a drawdown of 3.9%. The trader uses algorithmic trading - night scalping.

As a rule, in digests, we do not proceed from the rating of the company, but the first three PAMM-managers according to the AMarkets broker show “exceptional results”, which are especially distinguished from the equity charts of other traders.

PAMM Manager Turboscalper is one of the centenarians of the rating, trading for three and a half years. The first year of plums moved into an increasingly profitable trade. Total profit amounted to 291.66%, with a maximum drawdown of 22.7%, the last quarter brought investors 13.18%.

The low drawdown is due to the combination of “night trading” in the Asian session and a scalping strategy. The manager guarantees investors strict compliance with the terms of money management - trading at a strictly specified time period, the absence of averaging, the presence of stop-loss and take-profit.

fintechnology14 - the portfolio exists for 11 months, starting in November 2018, the manager managed to significantly increase profit up to 84.82% at maximum drawdown accounts 15.82%. Profitability of the current quarterbut made up 66.32%.

The account belongs to the teacher and manager of the Stavropol company Financial Technologies, so anyone can get more detailed information on investment management features on its website.

Dnevnik-investora - This is a PAMM account, existing for more than a year with an overall positive result of 225.5%. Maximum drawdown on account - 57.46%last year made a profit 198.9%, quarter - 41%.

Manager Anvar the ninth month collaborates with the broker AMarkets, showing a result of + 202.76% for the entire time of management, with a maximum drawdown of 36.02%. Past quarter brought investors + 202.76%.

Jeremy - This is a conservative strategy with a good risk / return ratio. Behind five months management investors received the total profit 25.8%at maximum drawdown 4.72%.

Interview with traders

Interview with eBaykal Manager

Hello, please introduce yourself.

Andrey Shevelev. Visitors and readers of the TradeLikeaPro forum know me as a moderator of the Bearded PAMMs branch under a nickname eBaykal. In the social networks of other Forex brokers and the Alpari PAMM service, I am known as the manager of gemmaster.

How long have you been trading?

Since March 2011.

How did you get to the Forex market, what programs, materials, courses helped you master trading?

The reason for my coming to Forex was the annoying advertisement, which prompted me to drive this word into the Internet search engine. I think I’m lucky, I got on the hand of Paul (Pavel Vlasov - founder of the website Trade Like a Pro). Interest and desire to earn money appeared, the theory found and mastered helped to successfully implement the strategies in practice. Thanks to Pavel, I am still at the Forex and the forum of this site.

Tell us what methods and strategies your trading is based on.

My strategies are night trading and trading on the news. To avoid the human factor and optimize the time costs, I use robots or semi-automatic trading.

How much time do you spend on Forex?

The main time is searching, studying, testing robots and trading strategies, as well as issues of interaction with brokers. Specifically, transactions take half an hour or an hour a day. Forex, for the most part, is an intellectual, developing occupation for pleasure, therefore, the time spent on analytics or training, I do not consider "costs."

Why did you choose Alpari broker?

Initially, my choice of broker was “directed” by the Trade Like a Pro website. Pavel He claimed that this is one of the large companies with optimal conditions for trading, as I have seen on my own over time. My scalping robots implemented intraday trading strategies without any problems, and later I appreciated the potential of raising funds through PAMM accounts.

What do you recommend to beginners, what strategies and mistakes should be avoided, what should we strive for?

Beginners should get versatile skills, master all kinds of strategies. It is imperative to learn and take as a rule preliminary testing of strategies, analysis of real results using monitoring of statistics.

Avoid opening deposits for significant amounts of funds - Forex investments are not a problem, you can always open a PAMM account and attract investors with trading results.

Interview with Manager Rever27

Hello, introduce yourself, please and tell about yourself.

Hello, my name is Roman, I’m 30 years old, I live in Moscow, I am a civil engineer by training (industrial and civil construction).

Why choose Forex?

I didn’t have a goal to engage in currency speculation, I was looking for where it is possible to profitably place investments with interest above the bank rate. It was a series of different directions: HYIP projects, sports betting, various projects with signs of a financial pyramid. The most “stable” way to profit was social trading - working out the signals of managers on the ZuluTrade platform.

Over time, I wanted to try to trade on the Forex market myself, and so began the path of demo accounts, finding strategies, winning, losing, profits and plums.

What is your experience in the Forex market and in the service of PAMM-managers of the Alpari broker?

My first registered account was opened in Alpari in the winter of 2012, so it will soon be 7 years since I purposefully engage in Forex trading. I am not limited to one broker, at the moment, accounts are opened with six companies due to different conditions suitable for my systems.

Diversification is my priority, so in 2018 I entered the stock market, but for the sake of long-term investment, it is easier for me to engage in speculation on Forex. I believe that currency pairs are better than stocks amenable to technical analysis, more clearly “win back” fundamental factors.

You talked about experience - 7 years, how long did it take to learn and search for a strategy?

Learning the basics of theory took about two years; in addition, I spent six months on the programming language MetaQuotesLanguage 4.

The search for “working” strategies for writing advisers is a continuous lesson in which you use your own algorithms and “new products” found on the Internet.

Each strategy is tested in the terminal, certainly for a long period of time - this is for me the rigorously executed axiom of algorithmic trading. Unfortunately, most of the ideas from the network are simply idle, so you can search for a very long time. Now I have 14 trading terminals in operation, half of which checks the performance of various advisers on real accounts.

Why did you choose the path of the PAMM manager?

Responsibility to investors additionally stimulates a more collected and fruitful work.

Your first PAMM portfolio, where, when was it opened and how did it end?

My very first PAMM Eternity still trading positively, he will soon be 5 years old, a round date. After a month of work, I closed my second PAMM at plus 39.7%, there was manual trading, I don’t remember what I didn’t like about this system, most likely I was interested in advisers. There were obviously unprofitable PAMMs. Now I periodically open new hidden PAMM accounts without an offer from the manager, test the systems, some trade negatively, close them and start looking for new ideas again.

How long does trading take?

On average, offhand, a day it all takes from 2 to 6 hours, thanks to 100% automated trading.

Most of the time is spent writing and testing new advisers, or supplementing existing ones and monitoring all VPS accounts for stability, as well as analyzing current trading. Be sure to allocate time to communicate with investors, subscribers, "colleagues" at the thematic sites.

Forex is a hobby, I work in a specialty (in the office) for a foreign company. My work is not very complicated, there are no refining, but on the weekend I try to relax more.

The main ideas of your strategies, what unites and distinguishes them from each other?

My main three PAMM accounts are trading on the Martingale system, I think I have studied this topic well for a long time, so I don’t feel any discomfort in managing the “grid”.

A pair of accounts trade only in the Asian session, I began to study this idea back in 2016 (the Generic 12 adviser wrote for the forum), when night trading was not yet mainstream. Present in the portfolio and around-the-clock systems.

I try not to get hung up on some type of trading, the main thing is that the system can be correctly and correctly implemented through an adviser. An ideal option would be to combine on one account two advisers on night and day trading systems, the first would open orders in the flat, the second would look for trends.

Describing the strategies used on the VelociRaptor PAMM account, you indicate the combination of manual and automatic trading, why is this tactic chosen?

I have already stopped this practice, now only night trading. About six months ago I tried a couple of manual systems - time has shown that trading advisers is much better for me, so I decided not to spoil the indicators.

Why is the Eternity management strategy different at times from the results on other accounts?

The basis of the strategy on the account is the same as on Priceless, Myenlightment. Regarding profitability, the account is simply several times older than other PAMMs with Martingale.

How did you manage to maintain a constant dynamic growth in the equity of the Eternity PAMM Account for a five-year period?

The proper use of Martingale strategy and money management is a moderate risk calculated according to the data of long-term testing of parameters on history.

Unlike other strategies, Priceless does not provide for a stop, can you tell in more detail how money management is organized there?

In this account, the risk of a grid of orders is 30% of the results of testing set files. When this percentage of drawdown is reached, I will already decide whether to close at a loss or stay out of drawdown. So far this situation has not been and, I hope, will not. On other PAMMs, it is strictly established that orders are closed when the specified percentage of drawdown is reached.

The best and worst period of your PAMM manager career?

If you take all the accounts as a whole, now, at the beginning of the year, I have the best trading indicators for all time: two main PAMMs are in the TOP-50, two more in the TOP-100 Alpari. If by the number of investments, then the best period was on the Eternity account in April 2016.

But there are unpleasant moments for the manager. For example, when investors withdraw large amounts of money during a period of small drawdowns within the system, or for no apparent reason at all. Such an outflow of funds “substitutes” the manager when there are open orders in the market that provide for a certain percentage of risk.

After the withdrawal, it automatically rises significantly, which poses a threat to the account and jeopardizes the funds of regular and trusted investors.

In general, for a long time I have almost no emotions in trading, so it’s easier for me to cope with drawdowns, without increasing risks after a series of losing trades, and with the outflow of investor capital from accounts. I realized that you need to be easier to relate to temporary failures.

The best moments to enter the PAMMs you manage?

For Alpari, it is best to enter equity on drawdowns - the manager’s orders still remain open, so closing at the minimum plus will give an opportunity for the later joined trader to make a big profit. But if I consider my systems as long-term, which they are, then, in fact, the entry time does not matter.

I always advise investors to withdraw part of the profit in any period, whether it is every 2 weeks or 2 months, and also to distribute funds between my accounts in approximately equal proportions. For example, now in Eternity most of the capital of investors is located, although accounts Myenlightment and Priceless bring more profit for 2018.

What can you advise beginners in terms of effective methods of teaching trading in the Forex market?

The main thing is not to stumble upon scammers who offer trading advisers or strategies for big money - first think about whether you need it and look for real reviews on the network. In my experience, 90% of paid information / systems / courses on the Internet is a scam, do not fall for the bait.


Digests of the past 2018 showed that in the Forex market you can find managers with strategies that have been profitable for more than five years. Many of them contain grids or martingale, which is considered to be a "guarantee of discharge", but the fact remains that they work and collect quite large investments.

Another important point is the fact that brokers underestimate conservative strategies. Companies place too much weight on profitability. To get to the first places, managers often take an increased risk, which makes it rare for a PAMM strategy with a maximum drawdown of less than 50%.

Tactics of night scalping are often found on the first lines of the rating of accounts, while traders use well-known robots, in particular, Generic, the effectiveness of which has been much debated on our forum.

The Alpari broker still provides a wide variety of PAMM accounts, and the service of portfolios offered for investment is a storehouse of practical investment techniques for beginning investors: “He who has eyes will see”.

Cryptocurrencies are the tragedy of 2018, but over the 5 years of trading no one has yet decided - these are assets (like stocks) or currency (like Forex pairs). Sometimes the Bitcoin rate follows the stock market, sometimes a tick begins to trade in a tick with gold or grows on a weakening dollar. However, there are periods when these correlations become equal to zero.

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