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What to do if your broker's site is blocked?

Blocked sites are one of the most pressing problems for Runet users. Users of all types of sites complain about access denied: from online casinos to encyclopedias. But it’s especially unpleasant if your broker’s site accidentally fell under a wave of locks. After all, money is at stake in this case. What to do if your forex broker website is blocked? How to access a blocked site?

Learn from our material today. Worth being prepared.

Why can a broker's site be blocked?

The list of possible reasons for blocking the site is quite extensive: from publishing pirated content to distributing drug production instructions. But the blocking procedure is significantly different: without a court’s decision, sites with child pornography, extremist materials, riots, suicides and drugs can be blocked. Blocking for other reasons is made only by court order. In theory, everything is fine - if you do not break the law, your site is safe. But in practice, everything is somewhat different.

Firstly, court decisions are made on a list-by-order basis - by many sites and IP addresses at once, and during the process, which usually takes place in absentia, without representatives of blocked sites, nobody checks the lists. As a result, absolutely any site can be in the list of blocked for absolutely any business - a simple mistake or typo is enough. And this happens much more often than we would like.

Pre-trial locks are carried out in a similar way: the prosecutor’s office submits “sheets” of hundreds of addresses to Roskomnadzor. Usually trainees, secretaries, or simply penalized employees make lists, and nobody is involved in checking their work - they block everything “in bulk.”

Secondly, Roskomnadzor, which is responsible for blocking sites, is not legally limited in how it will ensure “restriction of access to a page on the Internet.” So the favorite tactic is to block IP addresses right away with whole subnets, millions of pieces.

An example of what this approach leads to has been observed recently during the “war against Telegram”: millions of IP addresses, including hundreds of thousands of addresses of Amazon, the largest provider of website hosting services in the world, were blocked. Accordingly, hundreds of services that have nothing to do with Telegram were blocked.

And the situation will not change in the near future. None of ordinary officials even bears any responsibility for erroneous blockages, and the Roskomnadzor leadership is proud to report that the courts reject all claims against them with the wording “there was no significant damage”.

In addition, a bill has already been submitted to the State Duma, according to which the Central Bank can make decisions on blocking sites if it considers that its instructions have been violated. There will be no need to go to court. Given the recent withdrawal of licenses from forex brokers, it is likely that sites will block for the fact of communication with the forex market.

What happens to the site when blocking

Nothing. It is important to understand that if instead of the broker's site you see the message “This site is blocked in accordance with applicable law” (or similar — each provider has its own template, but the meaning remains the same), this does not mean that something happened to the site. Nobody “deleted it from the Internet”, and the broker did not disappear with your money - it’s just that Russian providers can no longer provide you direct access.

But you can still get to the site. How?

How to access a blocked site

The easiest way to bypass locks is to connect to a VPN. If you omit all the details, then the VPN allows you to virtually “move” - Russian providers cannot block your access to the site if you go to it, say, from Germany.

Thanks to the development of technology, today the use of VPN does not require special skills and knowledge and anyone can cope with this task. Below we give three of the simplest, but quite working solutions to this issue.

VPN for computer or phone

The most “technological” of solutions, which gives an important advantage - you can not only use the browser to open the broker's website - the VPN utility ensures the operation of any other programs that require an Internet connection. For example, the same Telegram will work perfectly for you.

There are dozens of VPN applications for computers and smartphones. Some (such as ProtonVPN, Windscribe or ThunderVPN) are popular, others are less known, but you can choose any - the sequence of actions when using them is exactly the same:

  1. Download the application you like from the developer's site (from Google Play, the App Store in the case of a smartphone);
  2. Install it - usually the installation process is very simple and optimized as much as possible;
  3. Launch the application and establish a connection. In most cases, just click the large “Connect” or “ONOFF” button, as in the example below:
  4. Wait for the connection, open the browser (or launch the application you need);
  5. Go to the blocked site.

The only important point to keep in mind is that free VPN applications provide a limited amount of traffic. Usually - 10 Gb per month. Is this enough to work with a broker - the question is complex and individual. If you use VPN only for trading, then 10 gigabytes, in most cases, is enough, but for testing strategies on historical data - no longer. But paid applications are more than available - from two to ten $ per month.

Opera VPN

One of the most popular browsers of our time - Opera, offers a built-in free VPN service. Yes, in the spring of last year, the developers announced that they were stopping VPN support, but the service still works, and the Opera website has instructions on how to enable it. Moreover, the VPN will remain on, even if you close the browser.

Accordingly, the solution is very simple: you use the browser that you like, and go to the broker's site through Opera with the VPN turned on.

The only limitation is that the service provides only work with web pages. Other applications (for example, Telegram Desktop) will not work through it.

Chrome Plugins

If you’re a fan of Chrome and don’t want to change your favorite browser, that’s the “solution for the lazy” - install a VPN plug-in, for example, the free Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy.

  1. Download and install the plugin;
  2. A plugin icon appears in the upper right corner of the Chrome window (in this case, a dashboard);
  3. Click on the plugin icon, select your fictitious location (if the plugin allows it) and connect the connection:
  4. Go to the previously inaccessible site.


Website blocking is a more and more popular way for Russian authorities to deal with both lawbreakers and simply “objectionable” ones, so the likelihood that this method will soon be applied to forex brokers is quite high. At the same time, getting around these locks is extremely easy, so you should not have any serious problems. Especially if you prepare for possible problems now!

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