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Battle of Robots 5 contest - launch an adviser, relax, get prizes

Hello friends traders!

Many of you have heard that up to 80% of transactions in financial markets are made by robots. The future is with algorithmic trading, there is no doubt about it. And if you have long wanted to try to trade advisers (robots), your time has come) We are starting the fifth round of the Battle of Robots competition, in which you can try your hand at robotic trading on a demo account without risking anything. And if you're lucky, also get cash prizes.

What is the competition?

The competition is held in conjunction with Amarkets.

The essence of the "Battle of Robots" competition is in trading robots. You open a demo account (via a special link below), install an adviser (one or several) on it and turn on the robot. Advisers can be absolutely anything - written by you personally, downloaded from this or any other site. Your business.

But the robot must trade. Otherwise, the whole essence of the competition is lost. Demo graals will be banned hard. (If someone does not know, there are varieties of advisers that trade on the demo for a plus, but in real life they pour. Such robots were created for sale to gullible Pinocchio.)

Will there be prizes?

Of course they will. As always in our contests, prizes are cash. They will be credited to your trading account and you can withdraw them at any time. No tricky schemes a la "money is only for trading, it is impossible to withdraw ", all honestly.

  • 1st place - $ 300
  • 2nd place - $ 200
  • 3rd place - $ 150
  • 4th place - $ 100
  • 5th place - $ 75
  • from 6 to 10 place - 50 $

Also, ALL winners will get nice little things from Amarkets:

  • 1st place: an exclusive gift from AMarkets - two genuine two-dollar bills, which are the hallmark of the company. They are quite rare in circulation, and in the financial sector it is believed that such bills promise success to their owners;
  • 2nd place: Parker pen with AMarkets logo;
  • 3rd place: exclusive AMarkets diary;
  • 4-10 places: notebook and pens with AMarkets logo;

And the 1st place winner will receive a small copy of the legendary Wall Street Bull! Bull brings good luck and profit in trading 😉

Competition Dates

To participate in the competition you need BEFORE March 10 (inclusive) register your contest account (see conditions below). The contest itself will be held March 11-22. Those. You will have 2 weeks to trade on the competitive account. The results of the competition will be announced within a week after the end of the competition.

Competition rules - read carefully!

To participate in the Battle of Robots contest, you need:

  1. Register on the AMarkets website and open a $ 1000 demo account (any type of account)
  2. Create monitoring for this account on Myfxbook.com -> see the instructions for creating monitoring. All trading account data in monitoring should be open!
    Please note that in order to make myfxbook monitoring public, additional steps are now required. All of them are described in the instructions at the link above in the section "How to make your account public".
  3. Indicate your full name, number and password for the demo account, as well as a link to monitor myfxbook by filling out the form here:
  4. Since March 11 to 22 make transactions in your account, observing the restrictions (below).


  • Only 1 account is accepted from one person for the contest.
  • Until March 11, open positions on the contest account prohibited.
  • You can trade on any instruments
  • For trading, you can use any advisers. Opening deals manually is prohibited;
  • The size of each order is any
  • By the end of the 2nd trading week (March 22) all transactions on the competitive account must be closed. An open position also includes undeleted pending orders.
  • The use of high-frequency scalpers, arbitrageurs and other demo tricks is prohibited. Believe me, we are familiar with them, you do not need to consider the organizers stupid);
  • A participant who has completed less than 5 operations on his account during the competition, or has violated any other of the above restrictions, will be disqualified.
  • There are no restrictions on take and stop
  • Also, those who will not send or send incorrect links to myfxbook will be disqualified
  • If a large number of transactions is detected lasting less than 3 minutes, with Take Profit and Stop Loss levels of several points, the participant will be disqualified.

Participant FAQ

  • I accidentally opened a position ahead of time !! Am I expelled ???

Yes, excluded. Rules and rules.

  • And what leverage to choose?


  • And how do I know if I participate in the competition? Will I receive a confirmation?
  • Can I close positions manually?

Can. But you cannot open positions manually.

  • And how do you know that the robot was trading, and not me manually?

Magic number. Well, the broker will automatically check the orders when calculating the results.

  • What time does the market close on Friday?

At Amarkets, trading closes at 11:59 p.m. terminal time on Friday, it is 11 p.m. Moscow time, be careful.

  • Where to ask a question?

Contest Results:


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