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What if there is no connection in MetaTrader 4/5?

So, you open your favorite MetaTrader 4/5 terminal, get ready to “tear the market,” but instead of the usual screeching sound, you see a dull inscription in the lower right corner - “No connection”.

And she does not disappear. What to do in such cases? How to bring the terminal back to life? Let's figure it out.

The Metatrader 4/5 trading platform is a program for exchanging trading orders, quotes and news with a core located on the broker's remote online servers. If there is no connection with him, the trader completely loses access to the trading.

The broker is interested in having the client an uninterrupted opportunity to trade, so the client has access to several servers, and the trading platform can work in conditions of low Internet speed. The inscription "No connection" usually occurs for the following reasons:

  • The current version of the terminal is completely out of date, the update for some reason did not automatically pass;
  • The user in spite of Microsoft runs on Windows XP;
  • Failure of terminal settings;
  • The trader’s account is “captured by enemies” or banned by the broker for some reason;
  • Problems connecting to the internet;
  • Internet connection goes through the proxy server of the provider.

Below in the article are some tips on how to return to currency speculation, eliminating the above problems of communication disruption.

Options for reconnecting Metatrader 4/5 to the broker server

If the terminal does not connect to the broker's server (the inscription in the lower right corner does not disappear even when the terminal is restarted again), start by checking for an Internet connection.

In operating systems, the network sign is displayed in the notification area of ​​the information panel at the bottom of the screen. To make sure that you are connected to the World Wide Web on a computer or tablet, simply open any site through an Internet browser, for example, Tradelikeapro.

If the cause of the inoperative state of Metatrader 4/5 is the absence of an Internet connection:

  1. Check the payment of Internet services in your personal account;
  2. Contact your provider for troubleshooting.

After the sites begin to open, restart the trading terminal.

OS and Metatrader 4/5 compatibility issues

Windows XP is no longer supported by the developer of the MetaQuotes Software Corp trading platforms, the old versions will continue to work, but any attempt to remove them and then reinstall Metatrader 4 will result in the message “No connection” appears.

When downloading on the broker's website, it will be indicated that there is no MT4 support below Windows 7, an attempt by the "Old Believers" to find such versions in the archives will also not lead to success.

  1. The problem is fixed only by installing a new version of the OS;
  2. An alternative is to launch a web terminal through a browser.

Broker Server Failure

The broker or the company owner of the data center periodically conducts maintenance of the servers, which may lead to a failure in the connection settings. This problem is solved by banal server rescan.

  1. Left-click on the shaded rectangle with the diagonal located in the lower right corner of the terminal (1);
  2. Run the option "Rescan servers" (2);
  3. Choose the server with the best connection (ping) speed;
  4. Broken servers will be indicated by the letters n / a.

An alternative and most effective way to revitalize servers and restore connection settings is to create a new account in the terminal.

  1. Expand the "File" menu and select the "Open Account" option;
  2. Click "Scan" and wait until the program checks the servers;
  3. Complete the process of opening an account by selecting "Demo account".

After that, you can restart Metatrader 4/5 by choosing your real account. In 99% of cases, communication with the servers will be restored.

Connection problems with Metatrader 4/5 servers due to lack of administrator rights or antivirus software

If you have an Internet connection, the problem of lack of communication can be solved by launching the terminal on behalf of the administrator. You need to right-click on the MT4 / 5 icon and select the appropriate item in the pop-up context menu.

If the action did not lead to the restoration of communication, then:

  1. Reboot the computer;
  2. Open the firewall settings window.

  • Select the item that allows you to interact with the application.

Click option (1) and find the location path of the terminal.exe distribution of the Metatrader 4/5 program. Click on the "Browse" option (2), go to the Program Files directory on the C drive (3), select "terminal.exe" (4). Add the file to the list of exceptions using the "Add" button. Another common reason for the lack of communication between the MT4 / 5 terminal and the broker's servers can be a change or update of the antivirus. Recent changes to such programs contain a code for intelligent scanning of processes, negatively perceiving the stream transfer of quotes of currency pairs.

To add Metatrader 4 to antivirus exclusions, refer to the developer's instructions due to the individual configuration of the interface and the variety of types of programs.

Problems with Proxy

If you have the Internet and the configured firewall and firewall permissions (firewall), the reason for blocking direct access to the broker's trading servers may be the use of a proxy server provider.

An Internet service provider uses these intermediary servers to monitor access policies to the World Wide Web and comprehensively protect client computers from external attacks. By setting the broker's server address in Metatrader 4/5, the client does not contact him directly - the request goes to the provider's proxy server.

Theoretically controlling organizations can thus deprive traders of access to Metatrader 4 by blocking the IP addresses of specific companies providing Forex services. The Metatrader 4 platform can be configured so that instead of directly requesting the broker's IP address, it will issue a call to the address of a private proxy server that is not in the lists.

If a trader is engaged in currency speculation as a hobby and tries to establish a trading terminal to trade during the lunch break at the workplace, there may be no connection because of blocking access to port 443. This is done by the administrators of the local corporate network to restrict employees to access the Internet in work time.

In both cases described above, to communicate with the servers, you will need a username, password and server address, which can be obtained from the administrator or provider. Having received these settings:

  1. Launch Metatrader 4/5, open the "Tools" menu and go to the "Settings" option.
  1. Go to the “Server” tab, check “use proxy server” (1), click the “Proxy” button. In a new window, fill in the data received from the provider:

  • Please note - at the end of the server address through a colon, write the port address. You should also know in advance the type of proxy - HTTP, SOCKS4 or SOCKS5.

If the provider or administrator refuses to give out the address, guided by company policy or the prohibitions of regulatory organizations, the trader will have to independently look for the proxy server service that provides anonymous access to any Internet resources.

In this case, the user can use the free or purchased address. When buying a proxy, the client receives a username, password, port and address. If you select a free proxy username and password, sometimes not. Choose an address with a high ping, for example,, enter it through a colon, putting the port number (in our case 3128) and the type of HTTP server.

Leave the username and password fields blank to verify that the address is working, click the "Test" option, a message should appear - "The test passed." After that, click "OK", close all windows and get to work.

You can find free server lists on services like FineProxy or HideMy.name, but the use of such addresses is short-lived and can lead to a drop in the speed of work and a slowdown in the flow of quotes. Paid versions with stable parameters and a static ip can be selected there, which is very important, for example, when participating in brokers contests.

Often, a communication problem occurs in Metatrader 4/5 installed on the broker's server if the trader decided to use the VPS service.

The broker can ban the real account of the trader in case of prolonged inactivity, interruption in trade. In this case, contacting the Technical Support Service will help to unblock the account.


Loss of connection often occurs during the first installation of Metatrader 4. In other cases, this is either a loss of connection to the Internet, or updating or installing a new antivirus, reinstalling the OS, etc. Or it’s the nuances of the VPS server.

In other cases, problems can cause new builds or failures on the broker's servers. Then use server rescan, especially paying attention to the “trick” - opening a demo account from under the terminal. Sometimes this is the only salvation due to which many hovering trading platforms began to work when all other methods did not help.

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