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Set up notifications in MetaTrader 4/5 on PC and mobile application

Has it ever happened that you followed the fluctuations in the price of an asset in the market for a long time, but missed the right moment? This is because a person is physically unable to constantly monitor the schedule. Willy-nilly, one has to be distracted by other equally important matters.

It doesn’t matter why you are monitoring the price - you want to buy, sell an asset or take profit. In any case, it would be very convenient if the smartphone received a notification that the value of the traded instrument has reached the desired level.

Fortunately, the Metatrader 4/5 platform has a convenient feature called “Alerts” in the computer version. It can be used in conjunction with the push notifications sent by the Metatrader mobile app. By setting up this feature, you will never miss an important moment for you again. How to do this - we learn from our material.

Why use notifications and where to find them?

First of all, notifications make it possible to move away from the computer and eliminate the need to monitor the schedules day and night. With their help, you can effectively plan your working day, while staying up to date on the market. Imagine that you have a personal assistant whose task is to monitor Metatrader and let you know when an important event happens. That would be great!

The function can be found in the "Notifications" tab in the program settings, and the process of setting it up is simple even for a beginner. But if you have never done this before, you may well get confused. To prevent this from happening, step by step we will understand the intricacies of the process.

Set up notifications in the computer version

To begin with, if you do not have Metatrader 4 or 5 yet, download it here and install it on your computer. To create a notification you need:

  • open the Metatrader terminal by pressing CTRL + T;
  • select the tab “Alerts”;

  • right-click in the terminal window;
  • select "create" in the dialog box that opens.

If you did everything correctly, a menu with notification settings will open, as in this picture.

In it, you can set an alert that will trigger when the value of the price in the market changes.

You can also select the frequency and number of repetitions of the sound signal. In addition, you can set the duration of the notification — the date after which it is deactivated. After setting the parameters you need, confirm the creation of the alert by clicking OK. The list of active notifications can be seen in the terminal window on the "Alerts" tab.

Set up push notifications on your smartphone or tablet

We already realized that a person cannot constantly sit at a computer and follow the charts. The way out is to activate notifications on your smartphone that will keep you informed. Upon reaching the desired price, you will hear a sound signal and receive a text message from the Metatrader mobile application. You can download the version for your iOS or Android device on the same page where the PC program is located.

Remember: to avoid failures in the work of notifications, you need to follow the updates of both versions of the program - for a smartphone and for a computer.

After installation, the mobile application will ask for permission to send push notifications. If you disable them, the circuit will not work. Now click on the upper left corner of the application to get to its settings.

In the Android application, MetaQuotes ID is located in the "Messages" section.

In the version for iOS, you need to click on "Chat / Messages". This eight-digit identifier must be entered into the program installed on the computer. For this:

  • press "Tools" - "Settings" or CTRL + O;

  • in the window that opens, go to the "Notifications" tab;
  • check two boxes - "Allow push notifications" and "Notify about trade transactions";
  • enter MetaQuotes ID from the mobile application in the appropriate field;

  • send a test message with the "Test" button to make sure everything is working properly;

  • Click OK to save the settings.


For trading on the market, it is very important to know about all significant changes in the price of assets in order to use all opportunities for profit. Notifications are an important feature in Metatrader that you can use to work more efficiently.

Now, upon reaching a certain price set in the notification, you will receive a push message to your smartphone. If you wish, you can create as many alerts as you like and keep abreast of all the events on the market, while doing other things. The function is also useful in the case when you are working at a computer, but have moved away from it - the notification sound will not let you miss anything.

Watch the video: How to Set Up MT4 to get Sound and Email Trading Alerts (April 2020).

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