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Audiobook "Downgrade" - exclusive to Tlap.com readers

Hello friends traders! We continue to record exclusive audio books, and after the “Zone Trading” and “The Speculators of the Exchange Speculator” we are ready for a new release - a book by Michael Lewis "Short game".

Yes, I understand that you all watched a movie made on this work. The book also examined in more detail the practical side of the issue of the global crisis of 2008, while the film focuses more on entertainment. This is a story about how several traders earned billions in anticipation of an impending catastrophe. And this is the case when in audio format a book is perceived much easier than text.

Why is it worth listening to / reading the book "Short game"?

You look behind the scenes of the global economy. Learn how bubbles inflate. Pyramids are being built. And that the global economy is inherently one big MMM.

How do people make billions from the air “above”. And how a few people who realized the impending catastrophe managed to make money on it.

And, perhaps, you will understand more deeply what Forex, stock, derivatives market are ... And what matters is not in strategies .... Well, or you don’t understand, everything has its time).

The book is not easy, there are a lot of terms. But you are traders, not housewives?)

In 2010, The Short Game received the title Book of the Year in dozens of reputable ratings, including Amazon, The Economist, and Bloomberg.

The audio version is read by Roman Volkov, Vargtroms Studio.

Audiobook "Downgrade" listen online to YouTube

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Part 2

The real life of bankers and traders from the film and the book "Short game": what are they doing now?

At the end of 2007 and 2008, the global economy was experiencing a severe financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 30s. In 2010, Michael Lewis, the author of the books The Invisible Side and Moneyball, wrote a book on it called The Big Short Game. The Secret Springs of a Financial Disaster, in which the insiders predicted events that plunged the financial world into chaos.

The film adaptation of the star bestseller Lewis has raised 121 million dollars worldwide and received five Oscar nominations, including for Best Picture.

Many of the characters in the film - who accurately predicted the crisis and the rich - still remain legends in the world of finance. Let's look at the real players behind the award-winning story and who they are now.

Dr. Michael Burry (Dr. Michael burry in the film he was played by Christian Bale)

Dr. Burri is still the CEO of the Scion Asset Management company he founded, which is featured in the film. This, apparently, the prophetic person is the only figure in the book of Lewis and in the film, which allowed the creators of the film to use his real name. Regarding the ominous last frame of the caption film, which states that “Michael Burry focuses all his trading on one single product: water,” Burri says his position is not as sinister as it seems.

"Food is a way to invest in water," Burry told New York magazine interviewers. That is, grow food in high water areas and transport it for sale in low water areas. This is a method of redistributing water, which is the least controversial, and ultimately it can be profitable, which will ensure sustainable redistribution. To produce a bottle of wine requires more than 400 bottles of water. The water contained in the food - that is what attracted my interest. "

Steve Eisman (aka Mark Baum, in the film he was played by Steve Carell)

Hedge fund investor Steve Eisman is currently working with his parents, Elliott and Lillian Eisman, as managing director of Eisman Group, the asset management group of the larger financial consulting company Neuberger Berman Group. In 2011, Eisman left the FrontPoint Foundation shown in the book and the film after his joint portfolio manager, who runs a healthcare company, was accused of insider trading. Aisman's current view of our financial future is not as bleak as Carell portrays in the film.

“If you read newspapers, sometimes it seems that this can happen again, and from the very place where I am sitting is simply unrealistic,” Eisman said in an interview with the Canadian daily “The Globe and Mail.” - Regulators clearly understood "that they were wrong, and they did a lot to fix many problems. The banking system probably has not been as safe in my entire life."

Eisman also says that although he respects the image of Karel, he is not 100% accurate: "Take away my sense of humor and make me constantly angry. That's how they portrayed me."

Greg Lippmann (aka Jared Vennett, Ryan Gosling plays in the film)

Like the plot in the film, Lippmann was a top trader at Deutsche Bank, but left it, setting up his own hedge fund LibreMax Capital in 2010, where he works as chief investment officer. According to Bloomberg, the financial information provider, this hedge fund is focused on a “range of complex debt securities” and has reportedly been profitable since its inception. Lippmann plans to create a new fund next year. Greg does not comment on either what he thinks about Gosling’s game, or about the whole situation.

Ben hackett (aka Ben Rickert, performed by Brad Pitt in the film)

Prevents your photos from getting on the Internet. Therefore, above - a photo of Brad Pitt from the movie))

In keeping with Pitt's slightly paranoid and arrogant image in the film, Hackett remains out of sight. “He has a house where you cannot get by car in the case of Armageddon,” Pitt says in an interview with “Vulture.” “I like that.”

Interestingly, the site of Hockett’s latest multi-million dollar dollar deal, the Powder Monkey Pub in Exmouth in Devon, England, made headlines due to the reliable Wi-Fi of the local institution, which played an important role in the book and the film. The pub staff until recently did not know about their important role in this story.

“He must have been quietly going about his business, because we have no way to distinguish him from other clients at that time,” one of the employees of the British regional newspaper “Western Daily Press” said. “It’s somewhat shocking to hear about our role in this story, but it's very inspiring. "

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