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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Advisor Lucky Grid - grid for AUDUSD

In trading, as in life, specialization often decides. Professional surgeons earn more than general practitioners, IT companies do not deal with restaurants, etc.

Well, traders often specialize in one tool, one setup, one strategy. But they know her perfectly. Does the same approach work with robots?

Today we will talk about an adviser Lucky grid. This robot is notable for the fact that it is designed to trade only one currency pair - the “Australian” AUDUSD. Lucky grid It demonstrates good performance over a long period of time both in the tester and in monitoring without changing the settings, moreover, it is not some extremely complex system, but just a successful combination of indicators and a grid of orders. Let’s see what’s under his hood.

Advisor Characteristics

Platform: Metatrader 4
Advisor Version: 1.0
Currency pairs: AUDUSD
Timeframe: H1
Working hours: round the clock
Recommended Brokers: Forex4You, RoboForex, Exness

Installation help

We install the adviser as usual. If this is your first time encountering Forex robots and you have a bunch of questions, download and watch the Forex course on Autopilot.

Attention! Since the adviser is potentially dangerous, be sure to read the article on the basic principles of trading robots based on averaging.

Advisor Strategy

Advisor Lucky grid uses a position averaging strategy. Using a combination of standard indicators (standard indicators are those that are built into the Metatrader 4 platform, in this robot it is MACD, RSI and Moving Average) a suitable entry point (according to the “opinion” of the adviser) is selected, the first order is opened.

Then, if the quotes do not go towards take profit, a grid of orders with the same lot size and a step of 200 five-digit points is built.

For each order in the grid, personal values ​​for take profit and stop loss are set. However, the grid of orders “collapses” when quotes roll back to the profit side by the whole group of unidirectional orders at one point, while the adviser takes profit.

The EA has settings for money management parameters, stops, profit of grid orders and other input values.

Advisor Backtests

Tests are made using the Tick Data Suite program on quotes from Dukascopy, the spread is a real variable.

Permanent Lot Testing:

Lucky Grid 2010-2019 H1 lot 0.1 AUDUSD

Consider the results for each month:

Permanent lot test results are very good.

Proportional Lot Testing:

Lucky Grid 2010-2019 H1 MM 0.02 AUDUSD

Proportional lot test results are also good, suitable for overclocking a deposit

Consider the test results for each month.

When considering the results of testing with a permanent lot, we pay attention to the monthly profit.

When considering the results of testing with a proportional lot, we look at the monthly percentage growth.

The results of monthly tests confirm the reliability and profitability of the adviser.

Independent Monitoring of the Lucky Grid Advisor

In the monitoring, the AUDUSD pair is trading, previously there was also trading on EURCHF

Description of settings

Moneym - sets the lot for trading as a percentage of the deposit;
Manual_Lot - sets a fixed lot for trading;
TakeProfit - take profit size in 5-digit pips;
Stoploss - the size of stop loss in 5-digit pips;
Broker_gmt - broker time shift in GMT;
Magicnumber - magic orders;
X4 - internal parameter of the robot;
rsi_period - period of the RSI indicator (see section "Advisor Strategy").

Recommended Money Management

Based on test results, it is recommended proportional risk no more MoneyM = 0.02 for the pair offered for trading (AUDUSD).

For trade fixed lots recommended at least 500 currency units per lot 0.01. For clarity, see the table below.

Account typeMinimum lot and lot stepMin starting depositBrokers Examples
Cent (with mini lots)0.01$ 5 (500 cents)Forex4you
Pro accounts0.10$5000Exness


Advisor Lucky grid is a simple but profitable grid-type robot that has reliable protection against "drain" by the mandatory use of stops. The adviser shows itself well in tests and confirms its reliability by working on real accounts of traders.

Important !!!

For the Expert Advisor to work correctly, the trading terminal must be switched on from the market opening on Sunday evening until its closing on Friday evening. If you are unable to keep the computer operational 24/5, it is recommended to use the VPS server service.

Download Lucky Grid Advisor

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